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Today is National Children’s Day! Celebrate by scheduling your child’s next eye exam, we invite all the children below 16…

About Our Clinic

Raj eye hospital was established in Jan 1990 with the aim to provide modern, compassionate and quality eye care to all. It is situated in Gorakhpur, 300 KM east of Lucknow, UP, India. Large number of people visit the hospital every day for consultation, diagnostic procedures and surgical procedures for Lasik, ICL, IOL, Cataract Surgery [without Stitch, Injection and Bandage], Diabetic Retinopathy, Vitreous Hemorrhage, Retinal Detachment, Glaucoma, Squint, Amblyopia,Ptosis,Eye Problem in Children, Corneal Transplant, Eye Injury, Orbital Tumors, Dacryocystitis, Botox Injection,. Raj eye hospital has department of general ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology,Retina, Specialty of – Refractive Surgery, Orbit and Oculoplasty, Cornea, Glaucoma, Cataract. To serve poor people and educate masses we have department of community ophthalmology.

Dr. Anil Kumar Srivastava
MBBS, MS,(IMS, BHU, VARANASI), CEO & Chief Ophthalmologist, Specialist in Refractive Surgery & Glaucoma
Dr. Arvind Verma
MBBS, MS [ALLAHABAD], Specialist in Cataract Surgery & General Ophthalmology
Dr. Simmi Chawala
MBBS, MS, Specialist in Cataract Surgery & General Ophthalmology
Dr. Vikas Gupta
MBBS, MS,Specialist in Cataract Surgery & General Ophthalmology
Dr. Hare Ram Ojha
Specialist in Oculoplasty, Fellow Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai
Dr. Monica Gaur
MBBS, MS, Specialist in Cornea, Fellow Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai
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    We are ardently involved with serving the people in the domain of eye care because eyes are the window of the soul. This maxim holds firm ground within our hospital and thus we aim at a sort of soul purging through the expertise we offer in this field.

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    Having clear vision can improve your life more than you think. Many patients don't realize how much eye strain is affecting their vision.

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    With their extensive medical training, our eye doctors are trained to recognize and treat a wide range of health issues; such as glaucoma, macular, degeneration, keratoconus, diabetes, and hypertension

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    World class, modern Eye Hospital offering comprehensive Eye Care facilities in Gorakhpur.