Let your eyes change someone’s life

in place of burning or burying eyes after death, if donated to eye bank, it will enlighten the life of 2 to 4 blind persons from 2 eyes. Usually we take only corneal button and not the whole eye. We also take about 5 ml OD blood from dead body. There is no disfigurement.
Hospital team will visit to your home to take the eye donation without any charge. Eye donation can be done within 6 hours after death. Whether already donated or not, family members can call to Raj Eye Bank Association Gorakhpur at 9454191919 or 9956888777 or 9956888794. in any big cities. procedure of eye donation takes only 30 minutes.
Information about utilization of eyes--- it is strictly prohibited by laws that which donor’s eye is used in which patient. Sometime after examination of eye and blood of dead body, eyes are declared unfit for transplantation but used for scientific purpose; if suitable recipient is not found then donated eyes are transported to any other eye bank for best utilization.
Cost to donors family : Nil (it is free service by eye bank)
Cost to recipient : to recover the expenses on 24 hours working of eye bank, including doctors, technicians, driver, supporting staff, vehicle, equipment, space, electricity, operation theatre, chemicals to preserve donated eyes, consumables for transplantations, multiple eye test before and after the corneal transplant surgery and so many other expenses-----, a small amount is charged from the patient as surgery fee and cost of consumables, no cost of eyes/ cornea is charged. If patient is poor then usually we find some eye bank sponsor for full or partial concession to the patient.

Do you know?

Cornea is the clear tissue
  • Cornea is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye.
  • If the cornea becomes cloudy from disease, injury , infection or poor nutrition vision is dramatically reduced or lost.
  • Corneal blindness can be treated by replacing the damaged cornea by a healthy donated human cornea. The human cornea can be produced through eye Donation only.
  • Corneal blindness affects mainly children and young adults who have a long life ahead of them.
  • Though we have trained , highly qualified surgeons and hospital facilities to do the transplant we do not have enough eye tissues to do the surgery.
  • Approximately 11 Lakh blind population of our country are waiting for corneal transplantation and approximately 25,00 new cases are being reported.
  • One eye donation can give sight to two comealblind persons.

Eye donation:
Eye donation means donating the eyes of a person after death for transplantation with the family consent
How and when

  • Eyes should be donated within 6-8 hrs. of death.
  • Anyone can be donor, irrespective of age, sex, blood group or religion.
  • Anyone with cataract or spectacles can donate eyes.
  • Person suffering from hypertension, diabetes can also donate eye.
  • Total procedures take 15-20 minutes. There is no disfigurement of the face of the donor.
  • Anyone can be donor , irrespective of age , sex, blood group or religion.
  • Eyes can be donated even if the deceased had not formally pledged their eyes during their lifetime.
  • After pledging please inform your family about your wish to donate eyes, so that they can fulfill your wish.

Give someone a bright future

  • Blindness causes social and economic burden to the individual, the community and the nation.
  • There is a great shortage of donated eyes in your country.
  • The eyes must be removed within 6 hours of death .kindly inform the nearest eye bank immediately.
  • The eye bank team will rush over and the simple bloodless procedure will be over in less than 15-20 min.
  • There is no disfigurement of the face of the deceased. 10 ml of blood will be collected for tests.
  • After removal, the eyes are analyzed , processed at the eye bank and then cornea is transplanted within 96 hours.
  • Eye bank come under Human Organ Transplantation Act, and given registration after inspection by competent authorities. Donated eyes cannot be brought or sold as it is a crone under the act.
  • Fill in the pledge from given over leaf and send it to the nearest eye bank. Retain the eye cad on your person.
  • We would welcome your support as an individual or an organization in spreading public awareness about eye donation.

Who cannot donate their eyes? Death due to unknown causes.People, who die due to infections such as rabies, syphilis, infectious hepatitis, septicemia, and AIDS, cannot donate.

Instructions :

  • For eye donation , please fill the pledge from and send it to any of the nearest eye bank . We will register you as an Eye donor and will provide you an individual Eye Donor Card.
  • Spread information awareness about eye donation. Your word adds value to the movement of the eye donation.
  • When donating the eye of the deceased, do remember to.
  • Dial the nearest Eye Bank (1919) within 6 hours of death.
  • Switch off the fans and keep the air conditioner or cooler on.
  • Raise the head with the help of a pillow.
  • Place wet cotton swab on closed eyes.

Sponsor to Eye Bank
Any individual or institution [NGO, TRUST, Society, shop, company, or any group / team of individual]
can become sponsor and enroll for half or multiple transplantation surgery by paying an account payee cheque Rs 10,000/ for half [0.5] or 20000 for one [ 1] or 1 lakh for 6 transplantation surgeries.