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Surgerical Unit@ Raj Eye Hospital

Raj Eye Hospital is very well equipped to perform world class laser cataract surgery

OT Coridoor

First modular OT in U.P.

Doctor performing operation in modular OT.

Modular OT

Modular OT

  • First modular OT in Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Advantage of Modular OT

    1. To stop the generation of bacteria.
    2. To always retain the OT under positive air pressure.
    3. Ensure maximum safety standard.
    4. Ensure flexibility.
    5. Minimise maintenance.
    6. Ensure functional separation of spaces.
    7. Regulates traffic flow.
    8. To prevent noscominal infections.
    9. Hygienic atmosphere.
    10. Homogenous unidirectional air ceiling system.