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  • Raj Eye Hospital

    invites applications with cv for the following positions

    Consultant Ophthalmologist comprehensive ophthalmology, oculoplasty, cornea, lasik, glaucoma, pedia , retina, Associate consultant (2 years after the MS) Senior consultant 2 years after the long term fellowship from a reputed institution. Candidate should be academically competent; research oriented and able to train resident doctors.

    Phaco training at Raj eye hospital

    Duration of course for QUICK PHACO – 3 working days with 1 week interval in each sitting. For ophthalmologist practitioners who have busy schedule and have this module is good for skill enhancement. a. Some basic knowledge of performing Phaco or done Phaco training at other institute. b. Have done good no of sics. c. Can do ccc comfortably. d. Access to phaco machine. 3 sittings [ 10 phaco= 3+3+4 ].

    Additional phaco can be added with extra charge, maximum 4 in a day. After ccc break or rent or any complication, case will be completed by course director and it will be counted as 1 phaco .

    1st day : orientation for hospital, ot, equipments, microscope and course director with ot staff Points to be careful in sics 3 phaco to assess the strength and weaknesses in handling of microscope / surgical instruments/ section/ ccc/ hydro/ chamber maintenance throughout the procedure/fragments removal/ cortical cleaning/ iol insertion/ closure/finally care for the patient & tissue will be noted Ccc and chopping by guide in first 3 cases.

    2nd sitting in 2nd week : Discussion about home work 3 cases of phaco Only ccc will be done by guide Back home to practice phaco and note your difficulties.

    3rd sitting in 2nd week : Discussion about home work 4 cases of phaco , full case if no intra op complication or threat Back home to practice phaco and note your difficulties, communicate with e mail / phone.

    Follow up : you are welcome to call from your operation room anytime preferably 9 am to 12pm in case of any query.

    Add on – if you feel like, you can apply for additional no of phaco cases. Maximum 6 in a day.


    when you schedule your plan for the training, please provide us your details with CV /RESUME. THE EARLIER REGISTRATION WILL BE POSSIBLE WHEN YOU SEND US FILLED UP APPLICATION FORM VIA EMAIL AND YOUR DETAILED C.V. ALONG WITH full course fee in favour of ‘Raj Eye Hospital Pvt.Ltd.’ payable at Gorakhpur by cheque /dd/ netbanking.

    CONFIRMATION AND DATES WILL BE GIVEN ONLY AFTER THE RECEIPT OF FULL PAYMENT AT INSTITUTE. ACCOMODATION AND FOODING IS TO BE ARRANGED BY CANDIDATE HIMSELF / herself OR GUEST HOUSE FACILITY CAN BE AVAILED OF IF AVAILABLE . , If hostel is available then accommodation and food will cost Rs.2000/ per day. Usually night stay is not required. In case you need hotel and transport facility, we can assist.


    Short term phaco training :

    10 goates eyes in wet lab and 8 phaco in 12 working days Good for those who are new to phaco but very good in sics and ccc Stay and food by candidate, hospital will assist to get appropriate accommodation, if hostel is available then accommodation and food will cost 2000/ per day. Long term phaco training for MS with very limited or no experience in phaco surgery but good in cataract surgery.

    Duration 18 months for candidates with good sics exposure Candidates who are not very good [ less than 150 sics and takes more than 30 min for 1 sics, will go for sics training in first 6 months then 18 months phaco training, total 24 months].

    1st 6 months: learning of sics 2nd 6 months: perfection in sics 3rd 6 months: learning of phaco 4th 6 months perfection in phaco.

    Long term fellowship for DO DOMS

    with very limited or no experience in CATARACT

    Surgery Duration 3 years[ first 18 months sics, next 18 months phaco ]

    Training and career for optometrists Iinternship for diploma holders :

    Rotatory posting to improve refraction and clinical knowledge for 1 year Selection through written test and personal interview Stipend Rs. 2000 pm.

    Short course in retinoscopy :

    Diploma, bachelor and post graduation in optometry Selection through written test and oral exam Course fees Rs. 12000 for 12 days Short course in optometry Diploma, bachelor and post graduation in optometry. Selection through written and oral exam.

    Course fees :

    Rs.35000 for 2 months. This will include 100 cases for retinoscopy and refraction, 30 cases of biometry, 15 B scan, 15 cases of field charting, 10 topography, 10 OCT, 5 FFA, 10 cases of opd workup, 20 cases of IPD workup, 10 cases for outside assistance in surgery, 10 cases as scrubbed assistant, 10 times sterilization procedures through steam autoclave, flash autoclave and ETO. 15 cases for how to diagnose common eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma, iritis,conjunctivitis, keratitis,blepheritis, meibomianitis, pterygium, lipoma, dermolipoma,episcleritis ,scleritis.

    Fellowship In Optometry Diploma

    , bachelor and post graduation in optometry. Selection through written test and oral exam.

    Duration :

    1 year

    Stipend :

    for diploma with 1 year internship Rs. 4500, bachelor Rs. 6000, after post - graduation Rs. 10000s.

    Application :

    must be addressed to the chief optometrist along with your CV to or

    Expectation :

    Students coming for the fellowship are expected to be serious and focused about learning, and should be willing to work hard. A strict course curriculum will be followed, and punctuality, thoroughness, conscientiousness and a professional approach will be expected.

    Facilities :

    Candidates are welcome to avail Regular classes in the morning on various topics under faculty optometrists. Language of instruction is English Posting in various clinics under senior and faculty optometrists for hands on exposure Accommodation and food – by the candidate.

    Graduation and post graduation in optometry

    , lab technician, ot technician Affiliated to NIMS university , Jaipur B.SC. Optometry - 3 years course for those who have done diploma in optometry Stipend of Rs.2000 pm in first year, Rs.4500 pm in 2nd yr, Rs.6500 per month in last year for 5 paid seats. Selection through written test and oral exam there are 10 seats where candidate has to pay rs 15000/per year as fee for practical - 4 years B. Sc. Optometry course for those who have done intermediate with biology Stipend is payable only in 3rd year- Rs. 2000/pm and 4th year Rs.4500/pm. Only 2 paid seats per year

    M.Sc. Optometry

    2 years course for those who have successfully completed B.Sc. optometry Stipend of Rs 10000/pm in 1st year,and 11000/per month in 2nd year, for paid seats. 5 paid seats.